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Circular Economy

In these moments of uncertainty and profound change in the economy, it is necessary to think of a sustainable economic model that allows our children to find a planet where they can live safely.  A better world, a more fair, just and supportive one.

The circular economy is based on three basic principles: Preserving and enhancing natural capital, controlling finite reserves and balancing the flows of renewable resources. Optimizing the performance of resources by distributing products, components and materials to their maximum utility. (

At Sunny Tots, aware of this profound change of paradigm , we have undertaken a project in line with nature, implementing measures according to  the Circular Economy in all our processes. These processes are based on the following premises:

1.- Rent, before buying.

2.- Reuse and recycling of our products.

3.- Optimization of our resources.

Therefore, with great pleasure, we can announce that our project is environmentally feasible and contributes to creating a more just, sustainable and supportive New Economy.