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The history of strollers

Historia de los cochecitos de bebés

Today we shall go back in History to tell you the most interesting story of who and how strollers where invented.  William Kent  was an eminent English architect who developed an early stroller in 1733.  The Duke of Devonshire asked Kent to build a means of transport that would carry his children. Kent obliged by constructing a shell shaped basket on wheels that the children could sit in. This was richly decorated and meant to be pulled by a goat or small pony. Benjamin Potter Crandall sold baby carriages in the US in the 1830s which have been described as the “first baby carriages manufactured in the US. Another early development was F.A. Whitney Carriage Company. His son, Jesse Armour Crandall was issued a number of patents for improvements and additions to the standard models. These included adding a brake to carriages, a model which folded, designs for parasols and an umbrella hanger. By 1840, the baby carriage became extremely popular. Queen Victoria bought three carriages from Hitchings Baby Store.The carriages of those days were built of wood or wicker and held together by expensive brass joints. These sometimes became heavily ornamented works of art.In June 1889, an African American man named William H. Richardson patented his idea of the first reversible stroller.

In 1965, Owen Maclaren, an aeronautical engineer, worked on complaints his daughter made about travelling from England to America with her heavy pram. Using his knowledge of aeroplanes, Maclaren designed a stroller with an aluminium frame and created the first true umbrella stroller. He then went on to found Maclaren, which manufactured and sold his new design. The design took off and soon “strollers” were easier to transport and used everywhere.

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