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What to do on the Costa Blanca in autumn? 5 plans that will surprise you

august in the costa blanca

This question is often asked at the end of the summer season but… the truth is that the Costa Blanca in autumn can be enjoyed just as much (or even more) than in summer. The climate of the Valencian Community, and especially the province of Alicante, means that we can enjoy all the activities that, in the summer season, are impossible due to the overflow of people who visit the area. Beaches and coves that in the middle of July and August are full of peolpe, are practically empty at the beginning of autumn. Also, this time of the year is very interesting because of the pleasant temperatures all around the Marina Alta. They range between 18 and 26 degrees, so you can still enjoy the sunny days on the beach and the nights are not as heavy as in the middle of summer.

Now, after this brief introduction, here are 5 things to do on the Costa Blanca in autumn.


Diving into the coves and beaches of the Marina Alta

It is true that one thing that characterises the Costa Blanca is our marvellous coves and beaches. In the summer, it is impossible to access them, as we have already mentioned, due to the crowds of people that we find day after day from the end of June until the beginning of September. The perfect time to enjoy them without having to set up your umbrella at 8am is autumn. The water temperature is still perfect and the sea, along with the beaches, is calmer, so it is ideal if the idea is to disconnect completely.

Visiting the wonderful natural landscapes

These plans are unthinkable in summer, as the high temperatures make it impossible to enjoy our natural landscapes. Therefore, during autumn, it’s the ideal season to discover them. From the Montgó Natural Park (Xàbia/Jávea-Dénia) to the Peñón de Ifach (Calpe), passing through the Marjal de Pego-Oliva. These are just three of the great amount of routes you can do all around the Marina Alta. kayak or paddle along the coves of Xàbia-Jávea

Kayak or Paddle excursions

As we have already mentioned, the water and air temperatures are still perfect to enjoy the coves and beaches, but you can also continue to do this including these types  of excursions and routes. So it is also a perfect plan to enjoy with the family if you want to see these coves from another perspective.

Enjoying the typical gastronomy of Marina Alta

The Costa Blanca, and more specifically, the Marina Alta area is characterised by its unique gastronomy. ”Les coques”, typical in the whole region. Also the ‘arroz a banda’, very typical especially in Dénia. ‘Bunyols’ and ‘coca maria’ are the most popular pastries of the area. And of course our  immense number of restaurants where you can enjoy the typical gastronomy. Many of the most important ones are in the city of Dénia (capital of the Marina Alta).

Visit charming villages

The Costa Blanca, apart from being characterised by its famous beaches and coves, also has charming towns that are real tourist gems. Guadalest and Altea, 2 towns in the Marina Baixa that should be an obligatory stop if you are planning a trip to the Costa Blanca in the near future. Their streets and old town in the summer season are full of people, which makes autumn the perfect season to visit and enjoy them.


I hope that, through this small article, you will be able to see that the Costa Blanca in autumn can also be enjoyed in the same way as in summer (or even more). These 5 plans are just a small part of what you can enjoy in the area. If you are planning a family getaway or trip during this season, do not hesitate to contact us for any questions or needs regarding children’s equipment. SunnyTots offers you everything you need to travel light and comfortably.