Beach kit (Basket)

Beach kit (Basket)

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This set contains the following elements:

  • Basket

Take all the beach items in this fun and practical basket.

  • Pop Up tent

Quick installation, easy to fold and store in its corresponding bag. With capacity for 2/3 children.

  • Quut spade “Scoopi”

Kids will love it as they can use both hands or feet to dig easily in the sand. It even comes with a smart detachable sand sieve that will double the fun as they build forts, shapes or castles.

  • Quut bucket “Ballo”

Ballo is a smart, modern design bucket with a lovely soft finish. It’s perfect for kids to run along and around the beach without spilling the water as its round shape keeps it stable.

  • Quut molde “Pira”

Free kids imagination by creating incredible architectural shapes with this 3 level pyramid molde. Simply fill in with sand, press to shape and enjoy.